Hack the Arena

Canada's Largest Game Dev Hackathon

Carleton University • April 2-4, 2021 • Virtual Event

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Embark on an adventure

🏹 Dont let a arrow to the knee stop you from building the next hit game. Join thousands of students all over the world for 48 hours to build a game 🔨.

Discover new weapons

⚙️ Learn about new technologies, game engines, and techniques at Hack the Arena. You can use anything from Pygame to Unity 💻.

Meet NPC's

👩 Join up to four others to create a raiding party and build your games together. With a vibrant community on discord you'll never feel like your playing a single player game 👨.

Battle Monsters

👾 Create an innovative game and compete with others in the Arena while having fun ⚔️!

Collect Treasures

👑 With hundreds of dollars worth of prizes you can take home games, electronics, and more 💰!


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Coming Soon ...


Carleton Engineering

One of Canada's leading educational institutions, Carleton Engineering and Design is helping to support Hack the Arena's mission to educate engineers globally.

Brought to you by

Systems and Computer Engineering Society (SCESoc)

The Systems and Computer Engineering Society of Carleton is supporting Hack the Arena and its mission to educate fellow Carleton U Engineers.


👑 What is Hack the Arena?

Hack the Arena is a game development focused hackathon hosted by Carleton University. Hackers from all over the world collaborate on building fun, innovating, and interesting digital experiences over 48 hours.

💵 How much does HTA Cost?

Nothing! Once your application has been accepted you get access to all our resources.

🧑‍🎓 Who can participate?

If you are enrolled in a post secondary education you are eligiable to apply to Hack the Arena.

📇 When do applications open?

Hacker applications will open a two weeks before the hackathon.

📍 Where will the hackathon be located?

Due to covid the hackathon will be online hosted using a suite of online tools. As long as you join the discord you'll know what is happening at all times.

👩‍💻 Can we have a team?

You can have up to four members per team

🎉 What kind of activities will happen?

We will have workshops, talks, and other fun events throughout the hackathon.

👋 More Questions?

You can reach the founder at varun@sindwani.com